Leading Automotive Parts Manufacturer uses METI Pyro in Annealing Furnace to eliminate product recalls.


The Alloy used by the manufacturer needs to go through Cycle Annealing before it is ready for processing. Annealing primarily is used to soften and bring in desired changes in the microstructure. The process involves heating the alloy,holding it and cooling at a specific rate
and repeat the cycle for specified number of times. Customer had no way to ensure that operator completed the above process for different batches in prescribed way. The operator would normally reduce the number of cycles or take the batch out before designated time to meet the production target. The quality team was unable to know the annealing time for a given batch of material, until a defect identified in the market. This would lead to frequent
recalls from the market. To avoid recalls customer had to monitor the Annealing furnace for

1. Start and end time of the annealing process which had to be specified for each batch.
2. The highest temperature maintained and the rate of cooling.
3. Number of heating and cooling cycles.

METI’s Solution

With 8 Annealing furnaces, customer had to find a cost effective solution. METI’s 8 channel Pyro is a plug and play non intrusive solution, that was connected to all the temperature sensors and data was available to the team within a day.

With this tool, Quality team was able to monitor the process in real-time. The quality team received SMS alerts if the operating temperature deviated. The quality team received daily reports, they were able to avoid dispatching stock which did not comply with standard Annealing process. The customer also started incentivizing the operators for maintaining the quality. The door status in Figure 1: Temperature and Door Status gave them the exact time for which the process was carried out.

The report from Figure 2: Annealing and Unloading gives the exact time the heat treatment was done and the time taken to unload the batch from the furnace. The customer is now able to provide audit reports to his clients.
With this they are able to eliminate market recalls.