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Poker prize money

Whether Best online casino or live casino, we play to win. Best as much as possible! Poker prize money? It is definitely worthwhile to deal with it. !!!! These exorbitantly high sums that are offered in many poker tournaments are really seductive. But it's not just the amount of prize money that attracts! A special attraction is the possibility that even an inexperienced amateur occasionally succeeds in winning the main tournament of the World Series of Poker - a No Limit Texas Hold'em tournament with an entry fee of $ 10,000. This annual main event held in Las Vegas is considered the most prestigious poker tournament in the world. Its winner can also call himself a poker world champion.

In no other game in which skill and strategy play such an important role, a participant who is not so experienced in the game has the chance to compete against professionals over a longer period of time or even to achieve the title of world champion.

Poker Offers

An almost socialist luxury that only poker offers. Many judge such an amateur winner as proof that poker is not a strategy, not a sport, but above all a game of chance. I do not agree with it. You don't win a tournament by passive waiting but by being active! Even with extremely good hands, you must first be able to hide your current luck with the cards from your experienced and highly trained teammates. This is the only way to encourage your opponents to stay in the game and call a raise. (And not only occasionally, but over many days and rounds) I see amateur winners more as proof that a properly used psychology (tells and reads) helps very quickly to win against experienced professionals. Still, of course, it takes time for a player to reach a consistently high level.

A victory by an amateur at the main event in Las Vegas is not an isolated incident but has happened several times. In 1979, Hal Fowler, an amateur, beat the world's poker elite for the first time and won the tournament. In 2003, the win of Chris Moneymaker, who won the Main Event and $ 2.5 million, sparked a worldwide poker boom. He didn't start with the usual $ 10,000, but Chris Moneymaker qualified with a buy-in of just $ 40 via pokerstars.com. One speaks to this day of the so-called moneymaker effect in poker, because since then many amateurs have tried their luck at the WSOP. As a result, in 2004 the prize money for the winner increased to $ 5 million. Jamie Gold even received $ 12 million for his win. This is the highest amount of money to date that has ever been paid out to the winner of a tournament at a sporting event (including boxing, tennis, golf, car racing).


The World Series of Poker tournaments in Las Vegas are not only popular for their prize money. Every player who wins one of the (also smaller) tournaments also receives a valuable gold bracelet (bracelets). It is in the shape of a wristwatch and instead of a clock face is adorned with a gold emblem of the World Series of Poker. The bracelets enjoy the highest reputation in the international scene of poker players not only because of their material, but especially because of their ideal value. Whoever wears such a bracelet has proven that he could prevail against several hundred or even thousands of participants in a tournament.

The high status and incentive that bracelets have for players is shown by the record hunt that has been taking place for several years between the most famous poker professionals. The goal is to be the player who has won the most gold bracelets in his career as a poker player. Phil Hellmuth currently heads this list with 11 bracelets.

Golden bracelets cannot be won in Europe, but the number of tournaments in which five and six-digit euros are paid out to all participants in the final table is increasing from year to year.

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